Bruno Rodríguez Armesto

Who am I?

Draw a Venn diagram with digital strategy, inbound marketing and digital literacy. I’m right where the circles overlap.

I help websites grow. Traffic, conversion, sales & revenue, you name it. My job is to know where’s the money coming from and grow these channels. My tools, a robust strategy, an analytical mindset and a user-centric approach.

My background is unusual: Journalism, anthropology, advertising, PR and a master in Digital Marketing. Right now I’m studing a Master’s in Digital Communication and Culture at the University of Sydney. I LOVE to learn. And in part, that’s why I know about areas so different as SEO, UX, analytics or CRO. I don’t believe in niches or boundaries in digital marketing or the Internet.

In the last few years I’ve won a national blogging award for 40defiebre along with the people at Socialmood, I’ve taught Web Analytics and User Experience at Quondos, I’ve managed part of the digital presence of some of the biggest brands in Spain and Latin America and I’ve moved down under.

Currently I’m head of Inbound Marketing at WAV, helping clients like TAXIBOX become bigger with a mix of data science and wicked out-of-the-box thinking.

My strongest suits? Digital strategy, web analytics, inbound marketing, SEO, user experience, content marketing, blogging, branded content and account & project management.

Want a researcher/curator on the topic of digital culture? I’m quite proficient on topics such as Internet governance, network society, video gaming culture (eSports, F2P, MMO, VR, etc.), mobile, social media and digital marketing. Drop me a line to check if we can work together.

I love eating, travelling, video game cultural critique, cultural youtube channels, sci fi, academia (a love/hate relationship this one) and watching a good movie or TV show. Not necessarily in that order, as long as eating keeps the first place.

You can find me at:

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